lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018




                   Elli  Moss-Marks, exchage of José Enrique Manzanera, 3º ESO E

The Spanish exchange to Murcia (IES La Flota) is a really fun trip. It gave me and the other Challoners students some great memories as well as making lots of new friends in Spain. My favourite part of the trip was the evenings; in Spain, it is very common to be out late at night waking around the city and chatting to your friends. The other Challoners students and I really liked this different culture. 

Other than that, my favourite memories were my times with the Manzanera Lopez family (my host family). They were all very hospitable and kind to me,but also took me on nice trips on the weekend. My favourite memory with the Manzanera Lopez family was watching the local football team, Real Murcia, win 2-0 and then going off to eat a lovely paella.

I would definitely recommend this trip to anybody learning Spanish, as it is not only a great way of developing your Spanish but is also lots of fun.

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