lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016

Erasmus Project: a wonderful experience

Gloria Martínez, 2º Bachillerato

Recently, five of us, the participants of the project called Erasmus + have travelled to Croatia, and if I had to describe this experience with a word, it would be, wonderful. We have visited several places during this trip and I can say that Croatia is awesome; a country with leafy nature reserves, full of waterfalls and with one of the most crystalline waters that I have  ever seen , besides some coastal cities with streets replete of life. Although, in my opinion, the most important thing has been the people that we met, we have felt totally identified with them  and have realized that in spite of the fact that all of us were from different countries of Europe, with cultures in some cases objected, we all are equal.

Thanks to this project, The Erasmus +, we have developed our abilities of performance and especially our English , we have  been learning during all this experience  to develop ourselves in conversations of the daily life.

I am grateful to this Project because it has made us meet big people who have turned into big friends with whom we do not want to lose the contact. They made us laugh, dance, sing and in the farewell of the last day, to cry.

 If I could repeat this trip every year, I would do it without thinking it.


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