lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016

Erasmus Project: Friday in Croacia

Pablo Pator, 2º Bachillerato

         More than half of this amazing week had been sliding as sand in our hands, but this day was one of the most special for us. Especially due to its ending.

We headed to the school and, when we arrived, we found another graduation was taking place, so we remained outdoors while various diplomas were being given to the students of the high school. Some of us were presented Polish people or, some others started playing some chess with their correspondants, improvising a little place for the game in the chairs disposed at the hall.

Later, they told us to go with our exchange mates to each one of their classrooms. Therefore, I accompanied Dominik to where he would receive his diploma for the end of the academic course. I was very proud of him because he achieved really nice marks.

After taking some photos, we had to go into a classroom in which we were given, by the headmistress, the diplomas of the Erasmus+ project and made some photos to immortalize the moment. Not to mention, as well, the beautiful presentations that Turkish and Croatian guys made of their respective countries. Our eagerness of going to visit their countries grew relentlessly at each minute.

What we did next was to go upstairs. In one of the classrooms, as the day before, we were offered a delicious gamma of cakes, tea or coffee, which we tasted with lots of pleasure.

Some of the people decided to have lunch together, and some others took the occasion to go the family houses and have it there. So we split up, waiting to the entrance of the night by the fading sun.

Thank to Dawid’s parents, we prepared a barbecue next to a campfire and had an amazing night together. We enjoyed playing the guitar or sharing stories. An unforgettable night.

I had the occasion to meet some friends of Dominik too, and I was really pleased that they wanted me to come back. However, talking about goings and comings, we should also note that it was at this time when we had (unfortunately) to say goodbye to our Croatian and Turkish boys. Some of us couldn’t resist to burst into tears. We hugged and promised to see us again soon.

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