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Letters from the Great War

Álvaro, 4º ESO B

Somme, 1916
Dear mom,     
I’m writing to you just tol et you know that I’m right. I don’t know when you will receive this letter. Although I’m right, life here in the trenches is really awful, We are running out of food and other godos very quickly, and until now I heven’t had to fight, but war can start at any moment.
Don’t be afraid. I will be with you very son.
Hug and kisses

Your son Daniel.

Antonio López, 4º ESO C
Dear family,

I don’t know why I’m writing this letter because the enemy has surrounded us and our mail service is a complete disaster, so I’m almost sure that you will never read this. Anyway, I think I’m writing just because I need to express what I feel.

When I came here for the first time the only thing I felt was fear, the most complete and absolute fear. Now I can’t fell anything. I’ve seen all the horror of war. I ‘ve shoot and killed some enemy soldiersd, they were humans like me, just like me, but I’ve killed them!. I heve blood in my uniform and in my hands, but I’m not sure if it’s mine or my enemies’s.

I’ve said that I can’t feel anything now, but it’s not the truth. I feel one thing: I feeel hate. I don’t hate the enemies soldiers but I strongly hate the social elite and the two or three commands that provoked this war, this war in which people die for their countries, this war in which Young people die for a piece of paper, for a piece of land, just for nothing!

However, all of this has a positive side. Now I now that I don’t believe in propaganda, I won`t believe in my country or other. I don’t believe in the prestige of my nation. Today, not only believe in peace but also in solidarity among people. Some of my friends try to have hope saying war its going to come to and end very son, but I’ve seen the horror and I’ll never forget it. I know whe I come back home war memories will appear every single night asw a terrifying nightmare you could never imagine. I know only dead soldiers will see the end of this war.

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