miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Letter from the Great War

Pablo Olmedo, 4º ESO A

Verdun 1917

Hi mom,

I’m Scott, you son. I’m fine.
I have been destined to Verdun’s trenches. I have some friends but many of them died.
The German have better weapons but I think we will resist.

Our trench is dirty, I can feel my feet. The conditions here are very hard and we have sufferred a lot of casualties from deseases, even more than from the enemy.

Russia has signed the peace with Germany,which can complicate war a bit, the Russians are facing another inner enemy, The Bolsheviks, the Tzar will kill them all. This kind of revolt never success.
Yesterday, we receive some reinforcement from America, we are preparing a big offensive to advance throught German territory. We will win, but I write to you this letter because it could be the last one, the operation is risky, so pray for me.

Lot of kisses from your son Scott,

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