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The old man and Vincet's story

Once upon a time, a very old man who lived alone in New Jersey. It like every year, he wanted to plant his tomatoes, but it was a difficult job, as the ground was hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was serving a 15 years prison. The old man wrote a letter depressed telling his problem.

Dear Vincent:

I'm pretty sad because it looks like this year I can not plant any tomatoes. I'm getting too old to dig the ground, I know if you were here not have this problem.

I know you would dig the fields for me, like in the old days. But you committed a crime unfortunately.

Nevertheless, love, Dad.

 A few days later the letter came into the hands of Vincent, and he read it caused "socked" him and started to feel really bad, and a little later, he devised a plan, so that his father could be happy, or at least he could answer it the best as possible

He wrote:

Dear Dad:

I know it is hard to forgive what I have done , I miss you , and this year you will not be able to plant your tomatoes, but do not try and please no , don´t dig in the garden. That's where I buried the bodies.

Love you, Vinnie .

A few days he got the letter, FBI agents and local police arrived at the old man´s house, and dug up the entire area without finding any one body, later, the officers apologized and left, and in the same night, the old man received a letter, which was written:

Dear Dad:

You can now plant the tomatoes, the best I could do in my situation, take care.

Love you, Vinnie .As you read this letter, the old man fell off the tears and did not contain the happiness after that, he gave to this, spent the morning planting his tomatoes, while his son in jail was wondering if he had left things as he wished.

Months later, the old man received another letter in which was the following:

The evidence in trials have led to the conclusion that Vincent is innocent [...] He will soon return home.

Some days later, he was able to see his son, and went together back to rebuild their family life.


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